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    Sichuan Chamber of Commerce for Foreign Economy and Trade established in 2005, which is subordinate to Sichuan Industrial and commercialUnion. It is composed of enterprises inSichuanprovince and renowned enterprises and organizations as well as investors from North America,Europe, and Asia-Pacific area.


    Mission and Goal: It aims at promoting the industrial and commercial development, giving a boost to economy ofSichuanprovince, protecting the rights of enterprises; participating in social public affairs, reinforcing communication between district and international, push economic cooperation forward. 



    Since the establishment of CFOS, it keeps the principle of serving for enterprises at home and abroad and endeavours to become one of the most influential chambers of commerce in the westernChina. CFOS aims to provide business information and communication opportunity for enterprises so as to promote international communication and expand industrial and commercial trade. It serves as a link to promote trade with foreign countries and attract foreign investment inChina.

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